2019 Future50 Photo Shoot

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Sunday, Sept. 8 at Lebanon HS

2 pm — Girls grades 7-8-9
3 pm — Girls grades 10-11
4 pm — Boys grades 7-8-9
5 pm — Boys grades 10-11
6 pm — All seniors

Pay here and skip the line. Each athlete chosen to represent their school at the Future50 Yearbook will receive a FREE copy which will be shipped to the address provided.

$20 Fee: includes admission to the Future50 and inclusion in the 2018-2019 Yearbook.

$10: extra copies (Scroll to bottom of the page and click on Yearbook to order additional Yearbooks).

IMPORTANT: Order entire photo package, including multiple poses & group picture

Photos will once again be taken at the event via Marc Fisher and Creation Services. Marc has been the Future50 photographer since its inception eight years ago.

SWMOBasketball is offering digital files of the professional photos taken at this year's Future50 event for sale to players, parents and family members for just $20.

The package includes a portrait as well as professional posses taken with ball, as well as the Future50 group photo for the corresponding age group of the athlete. These photos will include the Future50 logo, player's name and school.

*** NOTE ***

Photos will be emailed out two weeks following the event by 10 p.m. on Sept. 22. You are free to order the photos at any time. If ordered after Sept 22 they will be emailed to you within 24 hours.

  • You may purchase the digital files of these photos for $20 here, or at the gate at the event. The package will include all poses taken, and will include full file size and permission for printing and publication, and can be used on social media and in whatever fashion desired.
  • Not mandatory, but encouraged. Athletes may attend the Future50 Photo Shoot and simply pay the $20 fee for inclusion in the Future50 Yearbook and a copy of the Yearbook without purchasing the photos.

Why pre-register online?

A) Accuracy in information: If you pre-register, you can enter all the athletes information here making it easier for us to copy the information into the magazine and onto shipping labels and help our staff avoid mis-reading addresses or other vital information.

B) Skip the line: If you pre-pay the $20 fee, simply show us your receipt (which will be emailed to you) and walk right in to the line to see the photographer. Additional yearbooks may be ordered here on online, at the event or via phone or mail while supplies last. If you can't find your email confirmation, we will look it up for you at the gate!

C) Pay at the gate: Those who wish to pay at the gate are still more than welcome to do so … we will still have a form for you to fill out at the event.

D) Deadline to Pre-Register Online: There is none. In fact, you can pre-register in your car on the way to the event ... this helps us secure accurate information, and helps you get in and out quickly. If you have your email confirmation handy on your phone, you can show us at the gate, or we will look it up when you arrive.

D) Full refund: If you pay before the event, but end up being unable to attend for any reason, we will issue a full refund.

E) Why do we charge a Fee?: Publishing and mailing a Yearbook of this quality is incredibly expensive and time consuming. We do not have a large enough staff to attempt to sell advertising throughout the region in order to raise funds in the traditional sense. The $20 fee helps pay to print the Yearbook, and mail it, as well as compensate the staff who invests their time making invitations and building the yearbook.

We know it’s not a perfect process, but it has helped us produce a first-class publication for eight years and we hope it has added a momento to our area athletes scrapbooks.

However, we don’t want the fee to keep athletes away. If you feel you can not afford the fee, but want to attend, please send us an email at and we will make it happen. Your request will remain confidential.

What is new?
A) Future50 Photos to include multiple poses, digital files available for purchase.
B) Skip the line, pay and register in advance online.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Future50 Photo Shoot & Yearbook is an invitation only event. Invitations will be completed throughout the month of July. SWMOBasketball does accept recommendations at Please note your athlete may be on our invite list, but it may take time for the SWMOBasketball staff to complete invites.

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