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Kyndall Scott

CLEVER —The host Blue Jays advanced to the consolation game of the Clever Tournament on Friday with a 72-47 win over Crane in the consolation side of the bracket. Here, SWMOBasketball takes a look at players who raised their profile on Friday at Clever. 10- Kobe Fenske, 6’2, 2019, Clever (pictured) A clean shooter who scores by staying on the move. Fenske made noise from deep and near the rim against Aurora as his teammates tried to get him open looks. Fenske also plays good defense. He was one of the big men who helped slow down Aurora’s scoring after the first quarter. He finished the game with 12 points. 15- Matt Miller, 6’4, 2018, Aurora Miller is great at using his body and it translates into buckets. Give him the ball anywhere near the basket and the kid can score. He has a nice rhythm when he has the ball and he can fake out anyone who is in his way. In the second half he saw success playing the traditional big man. With his back to the basket, he showcased move after move after move. Kid can score. He finished the game with 32 points.     12-Devan Hampton, 5’11, 2018, Clever Devan Hampton was given the keys to Clever’s offense and he runs it beautifully. He likes to score quickly, then make his opponents think he’s going to score again so he can pass out to an open teammate. Sometimes it looks like he does a lot to do a little, but it seems to work out in the end. Kid can score, and shaking off defenders is just a part of his game. He finished the game with 18 points.   3-Austin Erikson, 6’0, 2018, Aurora Erikson is a sharpshooter from deep who moves well with the ball down low. He’s a guard who can play as a forward if he sees an open hole down low. That said, we just like to see him on the floor. The offense runs well when he’s out as he stays active and looks for the open man cutting to the basket. He finished the game with 10 points. 3-Caleb Peck, 6’0, 2018, Clever A dynamic shooter from three that is quick to get hot, Peck did all but flex his muscles Friday as he helped Clever catch up to Aurora in the first quarter and take the lead. His shot is quick, and he doesn’t need much space to get it off. He also proved he could score near the basket as he looked fearless charging the hoop. He ended the game with 11 points.     11-Clayton Dunning, 6’3, 2018, Aurora Dunning makes his presence known on defense. He plays as tough as he looks, and he lives for contact. He is great at blocking out opponents, finding his man and collapsing when the opposition tries to drive to the basket. Dunning got into foul trouble in the third quarter, but he returned in the fourth to make things happen on both ends of the floor. 23-Kaden Clark, 6’3, 2019, Aurora An athletic forward who can score and rebound with ease, Clark looked sharp Friday night looking one step ahead of his defenders. Clark can clean up boards, play smart at the post and make pretty passes from the top of the free throw line. Clark is a strong kid who has a lot of potential. 23-Mason Wilson, 5’7, 2018, Clever A good point guard who can take the pressure of his teammates and create baskets for himself and others. Wilson has control to his game, making good decisions on the dribble. We counted three wide open looks Wilson passed up in the first half and a few more in the second. Scoring doesn’t appeal to him like the extra pass does. 0-Casey Weathermon, 5’10, 2019, Aurora A point guard who likes to slow things down so he can set up plays and run the offense. He has a good feel for his position, and he likes to make sure he gets the ball to those who call for it. He can also take it to the hoop himself if he sees an opening.  50-Brittin Dover, 6’3, 2019, Clever A strong forward for Clever, Dover looks best on defense guarding Aurora’s big post men. He doesn’t mind getting bumped around, pushing back isn’t an issue for him. On offense he has a good presence down low. He’s a thin 6’3, but he takes rebounding personally. Simply put, Dover is a worker. He plays hard the entire game and doesn’t expect a hand out. Kid fights for every basket. He finished with 6 points.