PLAYER OF THE WEEK: Quenton Shelton (Week 3)

Lebanon sophomore guard scores 41 in win.

LEBANON — One of southwest Missouri’s premier perimeter shooters got hot against the Reeds Springs Wolves on Dec. 8 and went for a career-high 41 points and nine 3-pointers and helped Lebanon record its first win in the process.

For his efforts, Shelton was name the SWMOBasketball Week 3 Player of the Week in an on-line Twitter poll (@swmobasketball) that drew nearly 1,000 votes.

Shelton is averaging a little more than 20 points per game through the teams first six games and will lead the ‘Jackets into the first round of the Blue and Gold Tournament against Mount Vernon on Dec.26.

SWMOBasketball recently caught up with Shelton and asked him about his sophomore season.

SWMOBasketball — How would you describe your game to people who haven’t seen you play?

Quenton —  I would say my game is up tempo to the people who haven’t seen it because I like to play fast and hard and get in transition a lot.

SWMOBasketball — Tell us about your performance last week and what you were able to do that made the difference

Quenton — My performance last week was all to my team, it helped me to have it because of my teammates finding me open shots and getting me the ball so it was all of the team helping to accomplish one goal to win. 

SWMOBasketball — Do you think your hard work during the off-season is starting to pay off this year?

Quenton —  Yes my hard has worked this season in many ways by helping me become a true point guard for the team.

SWMOBasketball — What was your reaction when you learned you scored over 40 points?

Quenton — My reaction when I had scored 40 points was I didn’t think I actually scored that much I just thought I scored a 20 point game but I never expected 40.

SWMOBasketball — Were you more excited to score all the points or get the win?

Quenton — While I was excited to score all those points in the game, I was most excited about getting our first win on the season to start things off.

SWMOBasketball — Is there a specific matchup you are looking forward to playing against this season?

Quenton —  I want to play Willard and get revenge on them this season because of last year when they ended our season in the district championship game.

SWMOBasketball — What are some things in your game you are still hoping to improve?

Quenton — Things in my game I hope to improve are on my defense and my ball handling and ultimately my quickness on the court to help me with my game.