PINK & WHITE: All-Tournament Team (White)

SWMOBasketball selects its all-tournament team for 2018.

SPRINGFIELD — Here the staff of SWMOBasketball selects its all-tournament team for this year’s Pink & White tournament. 

The all-tournament team is not official and is not affiliated with the tournament and was selected by the SWMOBasketball staff.

2 — Hannah Bird, 5’5, G, 2019, Willard (pictured)

It is nearly impossible to pick out one Willard player for all-tournament honors as the Lady Tigers feature depth, a well-rounded roster and a new player stepping up every game. But Bird brought a calm, steady hand and is a good team leader at point who can score and distribute. She is a willing passer and likes to get the ball down the floor as quick as possible. She is comfortable with the ball in her hands. She runs the offense well and can even take it for herself if she likes the match-up. Despite being undersized for the job, Bird looks to rebound inside and can come away with the ball on the offensive glass. Also a great defensive presence at the top of the key.

33 — Natalie Basham, 5’9, G/F, 2019, Camdenton

An impressive athlete with terrific speed and athleticism. Basham brings a ton to the table as a versatile combo forward who plays point guard and looks to score on the move and through the air. She knows where to take the ball and where to avoid.



10 — Allie Clevenger, 5’7, G, 2020, Clever

Clevenger is a great two-way player who can take over a game at a moment’s notice. She can light it up from behind the line and is great at putting her head down and forcing her way to the basket. She moves off the ball well and can catch and shoot off a screen before she has her footing. She gets buckets by constantly moving and creating her own paths when she has the ball.

5 — Emily Edwards, 5’7, G, 2020, Nixa

A fine ball handler and deep threat who brings leadership and experience to the floor. She’s a talented ball handler who can mix things up offensively. She can shoot from anywhere on the floor and shake off defenders with her dribble. She is great from the wing spot and can score consecutive 3-pointers with defenders in her face and when there’s a mix-up defensively and she’s all alone.

40 — Alana Finley, 5’10, F, 2019, Fair Grove

An excellent all-around player who fights for rebounds and finishes in the air around the basket. Finley is an elite scorer in the area who is great at creating separation, moving off the ball and tricking opponents on her way to the basket. She has extended her range over the summer and is a deadlier player because of it. She can handle the ball as a guard and play forward and center. There’s few things on the floor she can’t do. 

21 — Harper Little, 5’6, G, 2019, Clever

A big time guard with excellent speed and control. Little is a defensive nightmare as she can block shots, force turnovers and run the floor as good as anyone in southwest Missouri. She is great at picking off passes around half court and can finish on her way to the ground. Few player enjoy playing as hard as Little in the area. She is always pushing herself to be better.

55 —  Harley Maxwell, 6’2, C, 2019, Fair Grove

A strong center who defends, blocks shots in the paint and trails the ball well on fast break looks. Maxwell is an extremely intelligent center who looks for mismatches inside she can take advantage of. She rebounds well on both ends, can kick off the team’s fast breaks and score through contact. She has good feel for the game on the block and can extend the floor. Maxwell also has a slick shot from deep.

2 —  Gabby Nielsen, 5’5, G, 2020, Nixa

A great athlete for Nixa who is a tough player on defense who is nearly impossible to shake. She stays with her opponent on defense like a shadow, always looking for blocks and steals. She is just as good on the opposite side as well. She can fake out defenders and slip her way to the basket. A solid athlete who uses her talent to great success as a guard and small forward.

12 — Tori Yantis, 6’0, F, 2021, Nixa

A strong post player for Nixa who calls for the ball down low and finishes well. She scores quickly. She doesn’t take time to feel out the situation. She catches the ball and starts to move. Yantis has good height and length for the block. She is a quick player who can pass, rebound and score with a fade away and a dish inside.