Camp Feature: Kaemyn Bekemeier (2023)

Republic youngster looking forward to starting high school career.

Kaemyn Bekemeier

One of southwest Missouri basketball’s rising players in the 2023 class, Republic guard Kaemyn Bekemeier is looking forward to her freshman season with the Lady Tigers.

She combines good size with a smart, heady game and takes pride in being a leader and helping get her teammates involved.

“If a lane is open I try and take it as much as possible,” she says. “I take a few outside shots and really want to work on perfecting my shot this summer but also love to drive and dish.”

Bekemeier says she is focused on becoming more comfortable taking outside shots and is working on a mid-range game as she looks to gear up for high school ball.

She helped lead the Republic Lady Tigers junior high squad to a 14-2 record and a COC championship last season.

My school team is awesome and love playing with them so much,” Bekemeier says. “I loved how none of us were selfish and were always looking for each other on the floor.”

A well-rounded athlete, Bekemeier says she spends a lot of her free time playing other sports, including track and volleyball. 

“I also enjoy going to church, hanging with friends, and the usual, shopping,” she says.

Bekemeier says there have been several people who have helped guide her through the early stages of her basketball career, including coaches, teammates and family.

“They support me and help me be the best player I can be,” she said.

Bekemeier says she is a fan of the Drury Lady Panthers and enjoys watching both men’s and women’s college basketball

I have gone to a few Drury women’s basketball games and I really love how they play such team ball, tough defense and work together so well,” she says.