Our goal at SWMOBasketball is to give student athletes exposure that they otherwise might not receive. We hope to provide something extra to help promote the sport and its athletes.

SWMOBasketball was started by basketball fans, Israel Potoczny and Zack Morgan in 2011, who attended hundreds of games and began as a blog. On a whim, they decided to start a magazine with the hopes of producing a first-class, high quality publication. That publication has undergone several transformations over the years until its current Yearbook style format.

Over the years, the publishers at SWMOBasketball have had to take time away from the sport to concentrate on other things. Morgan has since become a valued employee at Springfield’s own Bass Pro Shops as well as an accomplished race car drive. Potoczny has moved first to Tulsa, Okla., and then Topeka, Kan. However, SWMOBasketball has recently added to its staff Alex Boyer, Jake Flanders and Aaron Jennings.

To make a long story short — We’re Back!!!

And we hope to be better than ever with a brand new website and a crew of knowledgable basketball writers who are devoted to promoting the sport. The staff of SWMOBasketball will be at hundreds games this season, six days a week with a unique focus on player and team analysis rather than the stale, same-old, same-old game coverage that has become par for the court for most media outlets.